About Food And Beverage Online Exhibition

The FABEX show is one of the most favored online shows held for the international food and beverage market. The acronym FABEX stands for Food and Beverage Online Exhibition. The show is marketed from Taiwan to all over the world for wholesale and individual buyers. Since it's an online exhibition, this nature makes it a very popular and multi-phased fair to consumers and suppliers from upstream to downstream, across many industrial sectors in the food industry.

An Island with a Rich Food & Beverage Culture

Taiwan is one of the members of the WTO, and the island is also an important region for the world food and beverage market. The island is not big enough to support enough farm areas of cultivation and agriculture for the entire population of 23 million people. With a culturally mixed population due to social and historical factors, Taiwan is the home of many different food and beverage styles. It is the ideal place to foster business opportunities and innovations such as bubble and pearl milk tea, unique snacks such as stinky tofu, and more.

Every year, international visitors experience the famous food booths, night markets, and renowned restaurants here. Our FABEX team constantly tracks the latest food, health, and taste trends in Taiwan and the world. We grasp these trends and arrange the FABEX platform for both industrial insiders and consumers.

Creating opportunities for Producers & Consumers

Since its debut, the FABEX site has developed into a leading international platform for both food and beverage trading businesses across continents. Advertisers get in touch with consumers and potential partners from different sectors and industries. The food and beverage market is complex. It's hard to know the expectations of your consumers and the corresponding tiers of food and beverage processing are closely interwoven together that composing a wide variety of the spectrum is no easy task. That's where the FABEX site comes in. Advertisers can show the characteristics of their food or beverage products to their potential consumers and benefit from our business model. We not only help advertisers increase worldwide exposure, but we also help them build total solutions similar to our machinery cooperation on our sister sites.

An experienced Partner for You!

We have been doing business in Taiwan and the world for over three decades and are skilled at designing and producing fascinating websites for various industries meeting their industrial characteristics. All our platforms are unique and cater to specific sectors and targeted audiences. We help our customers better understand their end-users and take prompt actions and create those websites and business opportunities for them

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